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Advantages of plastic pallets

Good quality Plastic fishing tank for sales
Good quality Plastic fishing tank for sales
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Advantages of plastic pallets
Advantages of plastic pallets


Advantages of plastic pallets
    Plastic tray with low high-density polyethylene and polypropylene as the main raw material , with the international logistics integration of injection molding of plastic tray ( plastic pallets ) , are slowly replacing wooden pallets used our forklift or steel tray. Storage and transportation industry is a new product , handling storage and a good assistant, and steel pallets , wooden pallets , compared with light , smooth, beautiful , long life , good integrity , no nails without thorns , tasteless non-toxic, acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant , easy to wash and disinfect, no rot, no combustion, no static spark , anti- slippery ( with mat ) , recyclable, etc. . Life is about 10 times that of wood pallets . Is a modern transportation, packaging, warehousing important tool is the international requirements for food , aquatic products, pharmaceuticals , electronics, textiles , paper , tobacco , chemicals, dimensional storage and other necessary equipment for the storage of various industries .
   Changzhou Treering Plastics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic pallets , passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, with import export operation rights. Plastic tray variety, good quality .
    The company produces plastic tray with a selection of 100% high impact strength , high-density polyethylene as raw material injection molding processing.
    High strength, impact resistance , good endurance , long life . Load 400-2000kg, suitable for flat pile, shelves and forklift operation .
    Plastic pallets and wooden pallets, steel pallet comparative advantage
Advantages of plastic pallets① Durability: plastic pallets wooden pallets than about 10 times the life .
            ② Reliability: Reliability plastic tray structure greatly reduces the consumption of tray damage and damage caused by the tray on the tray material damage , plastic pallets wooden pallets than the same weight, so reducing the weight and cost of transport .
            ③ health of: plastic pallets can be cleaned and reused , U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting the use of plastic pallets bearing products. And now the U.S. EPA is also aware of the need to plastic pallets as a U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense of choice.
           ④ global trend : plastic pallet fumigation -free products can be directly exported to Europe and other countries. Recently the EC has issued a decree requirements to 2001 , all food, beverage, pharmaceutical transportation must use plastic pallets .
           ⑤ Specificity : plastic tray in the special commodity markets will become increasingly popular , for example: food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and according to requirements of different plants , the plastic tray made ​​of various colors, with the corresponding company logo and markings. Ease of corporate 5S management .
          ⑥ Insurance: As anti- damaging plastic tray , a corresponding reduction in workers' compensation claims , and reduced use of plant timber is equal to the reduction of fire insurance premiums .
          ⑦ salvage : used plastic pallets may cost 30% of the sales price , because the plastic tray can be sold back to the manufacturer or against other entities for reuse .
           ⑧ environmental protection: plastic pallets are environmentally friendly products , because they can all be recycled and re-used , greatly reducing the waste and disposal costs.
           ⑨ forest protection : The use of plastic pallets can be prevented each year tens of thousands of acres of forest loss .
    Here, we sincerely recommend you this good product - plastic tray.
    But plastic tray itself , there are two big problems to solve
    1, the procurement costs
    2 , through the large deflection
    Built-in steel ( such as arrows ) of the steel structure of the tray effective solution to the product on the shelf load the greater the greater the weight , the old problem of the high cost , but more importantly is to reach the shelves ( ASRS ) horizontal and ≤ 10mm vertical deflection are strict requirements , while reducing distortion and reduce costs.
    These products into the market, our customers get the strong response: on the one hand , significantly reduce procurement costs , and the second , effectively improve the tray in the same deformation under load deflection problem , and the third , especially on the shelf , stand library use , the advantages of having a outstanding price !
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