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About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank

Good quality Plastic fishing tank for sales
Good quality Plastic fishing tank for sales
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About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank
About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank

China Factory offer the roto moulding Septic tank


Q : what is the  Spetic tank ?


A: The septic tank is a kind of treatment facility which uses the precipitation and anaerobic fermentation to remove the suspended organic matter in the domestic sewage, and belongs to the primary excessive life treatment structure. It uses rotomoulding technology, one-time overall molding process for the production, no weld, high production efficiency, smooth inner surface, the production process without pollution, no paint, clean and environmentally friendly.


Q: how to Install the Septic tank ?


Installation Guide:
Earth Excavation -> Base Treatment -> Hoisting Septic -> Layered Tamping Backfill -> Paint Inspection Well -> Ground Treatment
(1). Excavation of earth excavation excavation slot size should be based on the size of septic tank excavation, the construction side according to the implementation of soil types, pit depth according to the outdoor pipeline elevation to determine.
(2). Primary treatment will base soil leveling tamping, pouring 10CM thick concrete as the base of septic tanks.
(3). Hoist septic tanks will be septic tanks hanging into the pit, adjust the septic tank balance, install and out of the water pipes, and then septic tank irrigation to the drain line.
(4). Layered compaction backfill with sand to fill the remaining space in the pit to the top.
(5). Check the well in the septic tank inlet, check the mouth, clean up the mouth, the outlet position to cut the inspection wells to the outdoor ground elevation.
(6). Ground treatment according to the actual situation for processing


Septic tank details : 

About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank

About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank


Septic tank design

The shape is generally horizontal cylindrical, both ends of the head generally use good mechanical properties of the wheel-like concavo-convex design, the internal compartment with the opening of the compartment, the compartment board is generally equipped with three-dimensional elastic filler, used to intercept More anaerobic bacteria

About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank


THe Septic tank Application example : 

About Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tankAbout Rotomoulded Plastic Septic tank



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